The Chrysopras Weir near Bad Blankenburg

The weir approx. 9.6 km from Rudolstadt

The Chrysopras Weir excursion destination near Bad Blankenburg in the Thuringian Forest is a beautiful and inviting place where you can enjoy nature to the full. The Chrysopras Weir is a popular excursion destination for families and adventurers alike. When the weather is nice, visitors can sit by the water, put their feet in it, have a picnic and discover the world of animals on site.

About the history

The Chrysopras Weir near Bad Blankenburg is a popular destination for nature lovers and those seeking recreation. But before heading there, it’s worth learning about the history and significance of the weir. The name of the weir is derived from the green gemstone chrysoprase and was used in jewellery making in the past. The chrysoprase weir was built as early as the 19th century and served to regulate the water level. In addition, a side stream, the Lache, rose from this weir.

In 2006, the weir was added to the list of listed buildings.


Places of interest around the weir

There are numerous sights to discover around the Chrysopras Weir near Bad Blankenburg. One of them is Schwarzburg Castle in Schwarzburg, which towers over the town on a mountain spur and offers a breathtaking view. Heidecksburg Castle in Rudolstadt is also worth a visit. Here you can not only admire the magnificent architecture, but also take a walk through the castle park. If you are interested in history, you should visit the town museum in Saalfeld. Here you can learn all about the early settlement of Thuringia and admire numerous finds. For nature lovers, there are numerous hiking trails around the weir. Here you can enjoy the untouched nature and go on an exciting discovery tour. Whether culture, history or nature – there is something for everyone to discover around the Chrysopras Weir.