“Fairy Caves” exhibition mine in Saalfeld

The fairy caves in Saalfeld approx. 12 km (max. 18 min. by car) from Rudolstadt

If you fancy an exciting and varied excursion, then this is just the right destination for you. Much has changed here in recent years. In addition to the fairy caves, other adventure areas have been created. These complement the visit to the fairy caves and are also a worthwhile excursion destination in their own right.

In the gallery below you can get a little insight.

Romantik im Märchendom der Feengrotten Saalfeld
The fairy caves
Every year numerous visitors are fascinated by the impressions of the coloured stalactites, the special climate and the unique beauty. With the new staging of the lighting, you can now look at colour games that were previously hidden.

This fascination is hard to describe in words, so we strongly recommend a visit to see for yourself.

Adventure forest fairy world
The life of fairies, elves and trolls is stimulated by the growth of nature. This is how the garden of fairy plants begins to blossom. Delicate tones sound from the realm of the light elves. Goblins and trolls have moved into their new troll house and the elves and fairies have also been busy creating a new empire: the elf meadow with flower castles, the fairy dance floor and the butterfly garden.

All adventurous children and young at heart adults can look forward to this experience.

Exhibition Grottoneum
It is a museum to take part in and touch. Here, young and old visitors can discover the history of the Saalfeld fairy grottoes themselves. There are 23 stations. One of them is a crystal growing simulation. It makes it possible to experience the growth of minerals in three dimensions.

In addition to the start of the season, there is also an outdoor extension that will not only inspire children.

Healing tunnel Fairy Caves
Nowhere else can you relax as beautifully as here. Two hours in the “womb of the earth” have a beneficial and relaxing effect on body, mind and soul.

Many new offers attract visitors here and make a visit to the fairy grottoes in Saalfeld even more worthwhile.