The Hohenwarte Dam

The Hohenwarte Dam approx. 25 km (approx. 28 min. by car) from Rudolstadt

The Hohenwarte reservoir region attracts thousands of visitors every year and truly offers every visitor a wonderful natural experience. The Hohenwarte Dam was built in the 1930s for energy generation and flood protection. At that time, no one could have imagined what a unique landscape would be created over the years.

The “Thuringian Sea”

Today, dammed in the Hohenwarte reservoir, the Saale River, with a length of 27 km and a water capacity of about 185 m³, winds its way through the deep valleys of the Thuringian Slate Mountains. There are only a few reservoirs of such gigantic dimensions in Europe. For this reason, people also like to talk about the “Thuringian Sea”.

Pure experience & recreation

You can have a great time here, because here you will find peace, relaxation & recreation, fresh air, the most diverse sports facilities as well as art & culture.

To explore the wonderful surroundings from the water, passenger ships but also rowing and motor boats are available. If you are looking for a sporty balance you can go cycling, fishing, swimming, diving, surfing, sailing, paragliding but also water skiing is possible. On the shores you can find many bathing places and well-marked hiking trails. For the physical well-being is of course provided by inns with good home cooking. Even if you want to spend the night directly at this beautiful spot, you are guaranteed to find a nice camping site or a great pension.

Once you are here, you should definitely visit the 412 m long and 75 m high dam wall. From the top you can see the machine house and workshops at the foot of the Hohenwarte pumped storage plant, the size of a toy house. You can also see the pipe railroad with 8 thick pipes connecting the lower and upper reservoirs. At the foot of the dam and below the Rohe, in the village of Hohenwarte, there is a quietly located playground and sports field with mini golf and electric bike rental.
From here, they then get super on the bike path to Eichicht…

Nature & Culture

After the Saale has passed through Eichicht and another power plant, it resumes its natural course. Then it flows through the villages of the unified municipality of Kaulsdorf. Downstream many anglers can be found, because they appreciate the calm course and the low water depth. In addition, there is an abundance of fish here that is not to be despised.
But there is more to experience in the villages around Kaulsdorf. The villages are located on the Saale bike trail, have a beautiful landscape with several hiking opportunities, traditional half-timbered houses and you can visit renovated churches and castles.
A hiking trail, for example, leads to the upper basin of the pumped storage plant. There is a visitor platform with a view of the reservoir region and the town of Hohenwarte.

If you take a detour from the Saale cycle path to Lohmen, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Saale landscape and a newly built refuge. With a little luck, you can even watch parachutists and paragliders.

In conclusion, a trip here is worth it in every way. So don’t miss this nature experience in our surroundings!