The Trusetal Waterfall

The Trusetal waterfall in Trusetal about 100 km (about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car) from Rudolstadt

This wildly romantic waterfall in the narrow Kerbtal valley on the Truse River was created in 1865 and is now a natural monument. It is inspired by the impressive rock backdrop of granite and pophyr and flows with a slight gradient along the Hülsenberg and Halbstein.

From April to October, part of the Truse water is diverted by a dam below Brotterode. Thus the artificially created waterfall ditch meanders for 3.5 km through the forest landscape of Brotterode. In 3 cascades, the water falls thunderously 58 metres deep into a collection basin and then finds its way back into the actual river bed. Guests can climb over 228 steps to view the waterfall from above or enjoy nature to the full on the idyllic waterfall circular hiking trail.


Trusetal Waterfall
Trusetal information at the waterfall and in the centre of the village
Brotteroder Strasse 49
98596 Trusetal
Phone: 036840 81578